Built 400 years ago
Very relaxing place
The temple is in Asakusa TOKYO

History of TORIN-JI

The Rinzai school emerged in China from the teaching line of the Zen master Linji Yixuan, and was first introduced to Japan in 1191 by the Japanese monk Myōan Eisai during the Kamakura era (1185-1333). Rinzai school was mainly supported by Japanese emperor, nobles and samurai. Torin-Ji belongs to Myoshin-Ji sect and was built in 1611 during Tokugawa era.
Kame hime was a founder of Torin-Ji, she was an eldest daughter of the First shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa. Her second son, Ieharu Matsudaira was died in the quite young age and she and her husband Nobumasa Okudaira decided to build new Buddhism temple Torin-ji, as they prayed for the reposed of his soul. Nanyu Zen master was invited as a first Zen master in this temple. But in Taisho era, Torin-Ji was burned by the big earthquake in Tokyo and Kanto area. By the world war II, Tokyo down towns were destroyed in air raids and burned again with many of temple treasures. After the world war II, Torin-Ji- was re-bult by many godly parishioners.
Torin-Ji takes over Rinzai school spirit by successive zen masters and many godly parishioners. Now trying to teach Zen spirit with zen meditation to many peoples for getting back the peace of minds and realized the real themselves.